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BONSAI STARTER KIT – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW 8 UNIQUE BONSAI TREES: Go from seedling to Bonsai master with this 43 piece bonsai kit. Enjoy DOUBLE the number of bonsai compared to other sets, and a variety of extras unavailable anywhere else. Each kit includes: 8 biodegradable bonsai pots, 8 bonsai soil discs, 8 bonsai seed varieties, 8 moisture proof vials, 8 plant markers, 8 bonsai trays, 1 pair of pruning shears, 1 pair of stainless steel shaping tweezers, and 1 instruction booklet.

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  • A TRULY UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: Know someone special who loves plants? Imagine their excitement when they receive this unique and thoughtfully crafted Bonsai Starter Set. A one of a kind gift for gardeners, beginners, kids, mom, dad, the office, and even the most seasoned botanists.
  • EASY TO PLANT AND GROW: Each bonsai was carefully selected for both its beauty and ease of growing. Plant at any time of the year with no stratification needed. Follow along with a comprehensive instruction manual that guides you through every step in the growing process.
  • PRIMED FOR GROWTH: Each bonsai seed is non-GMO, sourced from local growers, and stored in a moisture proof vial to ensure robust growth and germination. The set also includes the highest quality planting materials, like organic peat pots and nutrient enhanced soil. Each component was specifically chosen to facilitate seedling development. Each kit was assembled in the USA.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We have done our absolute best to make sure this bonsai starter kit is the best on the market. Our promise is to go above and beyond to make sure every customer achieves the satisfaction that comes from growing a bonsai tree from a seedling. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the product or service, we will return your money no questions asked.

With 43 pieces in this set, we’ve made sure you have everything needed to enter the wonderful world of Bonsai! Each seed was hand selected as one of the most colorful and fascinating plants available, and brought to you in this one of kind growing kit.

The Ashbrook Outdoors Bonsai Starter Kit is unique not only because it comes with DOUBLE THE BONSAI (8 vs 4), but because we went the extra mile to ensure that everything was considered. We originally started with 5 seeds, but made the decision to up the ante with an extra 3 BONUS bonsai. We also added several Bonsai essentials like: pruning shears, stainless steel shaping tweezers, moisture proof seed vials, and bonsai trays to capture any excess moisture that can occur from watering (no furniture damage!). 

Each customer will receive a complete instruction manual both in the box and as a PDF back-up. The paper manual in the box provides growing information for the 5 original seeds. The PDF will include growing information for all 8. If for any reason you lose the instruction manual or PDF, just let us know, we are happy to send a replacement.


  • Delonix Regia
  • Jacaranda Mimosifolia
  • Pinus Aristata
  • Metasequoia Glyptostroboides
  • Cinnamomum Camphora
  • Ficus Religiosa
  • Ulmus Pumila
  • Enterolobium Cyclocarpum


  • 8 Biodegradable Peat Pots
  • 8 Expandable Soil Discs
  • 8 Bonsai Trays for Drainage
  • 8 Plant Tag Signs
  • 8 Moisture Proof Protective Seed Vials
  • 8 Seed Varieties
  • 1 Comprehensive Instruction Manual
  • 1 Stainless Steel Shaping Tweezer
  • 1 Pair of Pruning Shears



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